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A NEW eco-luxury brand, Bumpkin Organics has launched with a 5 piece high-performance range that combines the latest anti-ageing discoveries in natural skincare with a sustainable, ethical and responsible approach.

Bumpkin Organics was founded by Alissia Flynn whilst pregnant and during lockdown. Having worked for over fifteen years developing some of the world’s largest brands she had grown frustrated with how large brands operate and how consumers and the environment are not always prioritised. Determined to find a better way of doing things, she set about creating Bumpkin Organics, taking a completely different design approach to traditional luxury brands.

“I wanted to create a luxury brand fit for the 21st Century, one which consumers could trust to make the right decisions for their skin and the environment. That meant taking a holistic approach to how ingredients are sourced and selected, how they are farmed, produced and processed, to how formulations are developed and packaged as well as taking into account the environmental impact when the product goes down the plug hole. For me, high-performance skincare shouldn't be about gimmicks, greenwashing or a celebrity founder, it should be about highly effective products that are a pleasure to use, look beautiful and are sustainable, ethical and responsible.” - Alissia Flynn.

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