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Meet Our Founder, Alissia Flynn

“I love the confidence I feel when my skin is healthy and in great shape.

I've worked for over ten years developing products for some of the world's largest brands. You could say I'm skincare obsessed. I've tried them all, the ones that you want to love but are full of suspicious ingredients, the ones which are natural but don't feel luxurious and the ones which you just aren't sure if they work. There are thousands of skincare brands out there but I always feel there’s a compromise.

That's why I created Bumpkin Organics. For people like me who want high-performance skincare that's a pleasure to use, looks beautiful and doesn’t compromise on ingredients, ethics or the environment.

I hope you love it as much as I do.”


When it Comes to Skincare, We Don't Believe in Compromise

Born in the British countryside, we are an independent skincare brand based in South Gloucestershire, England. Bumpkin Organics was founded on the belief that skincare should be highly effective, a beautiful experience but not compromise on ingredients, the environment or ethics.

“Having worked for some of the world’s largest brands, I know that decisions are made that are not always in the best interests of you or the environment, even if they try to convince us otherwise, and that has to change!”

Our products are made for those who want the best results but don't want to compromise. That’s why our formulations are developed using the finest organic and naturally certified ingredients to harness the true power of nature. All our products are palm oil free, cruelty free, free of synthetic fragrances and Non-GMO.